Dried blood spot cards can be provided with barcoding on the demographic portion in any format that can print alphanumeric characters (letters, digits, and some special symbols). Data integrity is enhanced by the use of modulus check digit characters.

Barcodes can be printed across a perforation where the card would be separated in the laboratory. This enables the ability to trace all sections of the card. Shown on the left is a depiction of the Florida card shown on P8. We can also print removable adhesive barcodes for your cards that can be adhered to accompanying paperwork.

Customized kits

Field-based sample collection often requires the use of multiple products such as gloves, sterile wipes, and a lancet in addition to the sample collection card itself. EBF can develop and manufacture customized ready-to-use kits specific to your applications, ensuring that all the tools for optimal sample collection are there on site and ready for use.

Wrap-around covers

Wrap-around covers are attached to the 903 dried blood spot card and can be “wrapped around” the 903 sample collection part of the card to protect the sampling area. This wrap-around cover is available in different materials: 28-pound paper, translucent glassine or clear moisture- proof barrier. This protects the sample and can eliminate the need for additional glassine envelopes.

Sequential numbering

Dried blood spot cards can be provided with sequential numbering. This means that each of your cards will have a different number, which is essential for tracking and identification purposes.

OCR-scannable format

EBF can use special inks for printing forms that are invisible to optical character recognition (OCR) scanners, so that the scanners will detect only the variable demographic information (i.e., written information input by the sampler).

Color coding

Custom-printed dried blood spot cards can be color- coded to simplify form distribution after sample collection.

Custom packaging

A specified coding system can be printed on every package, carton, and shipping box. Outside cartons can be labeled to reflect the sequential numbering of the forms enclosed.

Hearing section

It is possible to add a section to a dried blood spot card for hearing test results. This puts all the screening results together in a database under a single control number.

Parent information sheets/pamphlets

Parent information sheets that are part of the neonatal collection device and include the device numbers can be provided as the first part of a multiple-part form. Alternatively, detailed parent information pamphlets can be glued to the form.

Transfer or mailing envelopes

EBF can provide custom envelopes for mailing of samples to the central laboratory, for sending a screening form home with the parent for follow-up sampling, or sending samples to separate laboratories for non-standard screening tests, (i.e., for DNA testing or supplemental screening). These envelopes are frequently color-coded.


CDC recommended paper for neonatal screening
Product meets US and EU for neonatal screening
Product manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Sequential card
Available in more than one printing color
OCR-scannable format
Barcodes adapted to your barcode system
Wrap-around cover for protection of sample area
Additional carbon layers for duplicating information
Cassette frame for automation


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